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ABM Office Biuro rachunkowe

Accounting office

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ABM Office
About us

Dear Customer,

Welcome to the website of AMB Office, an accounting firm based in Saska Kępa, Warsaw, Poland.

AMB Office is licensed to provide comprehensive accounting, personnel and payroll services to business of various sizes and to individuals.

We offer our services to business owners who

  • don’t want to spend too much money on maintaining in-house accounting personnel
  • don’t want to be liable for their accountants’ errors
  • don’t want to deal with paperwork instead of developing their businesses
  • don’t want to make mistakes or waste time trying to solve accounting problems

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Our services include:

  • Full Accounting,
  • Register of Costs and Revenue / Lump-Sum Taxation Accounting,
  • Payroll and national insurance (ZUS),
  • Tax Advice.



Fees for our services are typically negotiated with each Client.

We prefer payment in a form of a monthly lump sum, which we try to maintain as long as possible on the unchanged level.



ABM Office

Beata Lewandowska

st. Marokańska 18 m 3

03-977 Warszawa

Telephone/Fax 22 870 25 13

Mobile 604 639 639

604 263 200

e-mail: biuro@abmoffice.pl